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Dennis, MA


Dennis, Massachusetts is a small town located in the heart of Cape Cod. Dennis spans the width of Cape Cod, allowing it to touch both Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound. There are five small villages that comprise the town and each have their own rich history.

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A quintessential New England gem, it is the second oldest town on the Cape. Immerse yourself in coastal history while visiting boardwalks, a windmill, and museums. This beautiful spot is a great place to live or visit with the family.


This small coastal town offers a stunning stretch of natural beaches dotted with historical bed-and-breakfasts that are sure to impress. Whether you are looking for quaint antique shops or authentic New England restaurants, Brewster is an ideal place to find yourself.


Located on the Nantucket Sound, Harwich is a town with a lot to offer. Cranberry bogs, ideal fishing spots, gorgeous harbors for boats and ships, and so much natural beauty are just some of the features that draw residents and tourism to this area.

While Dennis is largely known as a seaside resort town, a traveler through the area can encounter a variety of cultural experiences. A lighthouse in West Dennis still operates to assist ships during the summer months. South Dennis is a great place to learn about Native American folklore that steeps the history of the area. Dennis Port is home to a conservation area, which is a fantastic place to surround yourself with New England wildlife. No matter which part of Dennis you find yourself in, you are in a place worth enjoying!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Masonry?

Masonry is a method of construction that uses individual bricks or stones, held together with mortar, to build a structure. Masons can use a wide variety of materials such as  marble, granite, brick, limestone, concrete block, adobe, and more. Masonry is an important kind of construction because the finished product is durable and sturdy. Not only that, but stone and brick structures are beautiful and generally easy to clean and maintain.

What type of maintenance does my irrigation system need?

Having an irrigation system installed in your yard is important to keep your plants and lawn healthy. But the system itself needs some attention to keep it working properly. Regular maintenance involves checking the controller and lines for any damage, ensuring that all wires are still connected, replacing batteries and updating times in case of an outage. This maintenance should be done a few times a year and Gade Masonry & Landscaping can perform these checks while carrying out any landscape maintenance you may need.

What is the best time of the year to prune my trees and shrubs?

It is fine to do light pruning throughout the year and is good for keeping your plants healthy. But heavy pruning, should it be needed to protect the health of the tree or the integrity of your property, should be done during the winter, as the leaves on deciduous trees are not a hindrance. That being said, different trees and shrubs have different pruning needs. We provide pruning services as one part of covering your landscape maintenance.