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Yarmouth, MA


Located at the heart of Cape Cod, Yarmouth is a town steeped in history. Beautiful beaches, museums, and colonial buildings are only some of the things that make Yarmouth a real gem of New England. 

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Nearby Areas


Sandwich is a large city with plenty of history to offer and a unique modern-day feel. As a coastal town, Sandwich is a popular tourist destination for people from around the world. Full of New England charm, there are plenty of modern-day activities and fun to be had.


Dennis is a small town with five historic villages. As a seaside resort town, Dennis has a lot to offer both travelers and residents. From its conservation area by the port to the town’s history steeped in Native American history, there is plenty to discover in this small New England town.


Barnstable is the largest town on Cape Cod and is the seat of Barnstable County. With seven villages with a distinct culture, there is plenty to discover in this historic town. From the seaside attractions and beautiful summer weather, Barnstable holds a special place in the heart of many who live on the Cape.

Yarmouth, Massachusetts, is a town with plenty to offer: history, unique culture, and plenty of coastal attractions. As a harbor town, Cape Cod plays a large part in the town’s history and future.

Like most places in New England, Yarmouth has a rich and interesting history. Nestled right along Cape Cod, Yarmouth was incorporated as part of the original Plymouth Colony and named after a town on the coast of England. Yarmouth and Sandwich are the oldest towns in the area, with Yarmouth incorporated on September 3, 1639.

As a coastal town, we have plenty to offer residents and tourists alike. From our beaches to our port, boardwalk, and boating fun there is plenty to do just off the coast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What landscaping services do you offer in Yarmouth?

From everything to hardscapes to softscapes covered, we are proud to offer full-service landscaping services at Gade Masonry & Landscaping. We can help transform your front yard or backyard into the oasis of your dreams. From helping you design a new layout to maintaining your current landscape, our experienced team of experts is happy to help you curate the ideal landscape for your home.

What is a stone retaining wall?

Retaining walls are structures designed to support the structure of your landscape. Additionally, they work well to divide areas of your landscape with a decorative touch. Adding a stone retaining wall can also help protect your home and yard from the dangers of flooding.

Do you install stone walkways and paths?

At Gade Masonry & Landscaping, we take pride in our stonework. From backyard walkways to the pool to your front path, we offer a variety of different types of stonework to create a designated path. Ask us about our varieties of stone, styles, and sizes!